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File Not Found

“File Not Found” could be defined as a metal band, but listening to their first album “Firewall”, it will be immediately clear that they are influenced by other musical genres as well. The band has been choice by Italian Label Ghost Record Label, for the “Deep Impact” Compilation with the song “Legacy”.
Enjoy this interview and find out more curiosity about the italian band File Not Found.

Welcome guys and …..

MOZ: Tell us something about the band?
FNF: Hi everyone, we are File Not Found from Rome, we are a band active for several years. We play Metal and you can listen to our album “Firewall” on the main streaming platforms or buy it from digital stores.

MOZ: What about the lyrics?
FNF: The lyrics of “Firewall” are a journey through the feelings of the human soul, the relationships and the difficulties that derive from it. Each of us brought our own experience of writing; the lyrics, as for the music, were not all written by a single member, but by those who needed to say or tell something.

MOZ: Are you satisfied with your last album? or you would have liked to change something?
FNF: We believe that songs are the expression of a certain moment in your life. We don’t know if we could have done something different or better, but it is what we could do at that time and it is perfect. Surely the next album will be different because in these years we have changed, like our music.

MOZ: How much is really important the stage ?
FNF: The stage is very important for a band: it is the core of the band itself. On stage your songs come to life because, much more respect than in the studio, you can bring something of yours during the performance.

MOZ: Do you think that Internet is important for music industry ?
FNF: The role of the web is fundamental. For a band, above all underground, that offers music today it is very important to use the internet as a vehicle to bring the music to as many ears as possible. However, it is important not to confuse the two things: music is the first thing to evaluate in a band, the presence and use that the band makes of the web is secondary.

MOZ: How is the scene underground on your country ?
FNF: The Italian underground scene has two faces: one beautiful and one less. The good one is the bands: we have met many bands over the years, all made up of very good musicians and simple guys who make sacrifices driven only by the passion for music, none of us gets richer (in fact maybe the opposite) but I’ve never seen a musician not happy to perform.
The less beautiful part are those who try to make money on the shoulders of those who work (don’t just think about the hour of live, but also the rehearsals, the hours spent at home working for the band, taking time away from anything else), we refer to some event organizers, local managers, agencies or record labels that instead of listening to your music ask you “how many people you bring to the show?” or “how many likes you have on social profiles?”, or simply ask for money without investing in your project. All this, besides being demeaning for the band and the music they compose, we believe that doesn’t value the underground scene, carrying on only those who have the possibility to invest in themselves and leaving behind those who deserve a chance.

MOZ: What the plans for the immediate future ?
FNF: We are currently writing the songs of the next album (to which the current lead guitarist Luca Petitta is making a fundamental contribution). For the new album we are working more mature than the previous one, several years have passed and inevitably the product will be different from “Firewall”. We also have some surprises that we will reveal in due course.

MOZ: That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
FNF: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have a chat with you, we hope we can talk to you soon to present our new job.
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